Dr. Tony Alleyne Wins Columbia University Teacher’s College Early Career Award

Dr. Alleyne accepts the award from Erin Fitzgerald, Sr. Managing Director, Continuum, TFA-Delaware

On April 7, Dr. Tony Alleyne accepted the 2019 Early Career Award from Columbia University’s Teacher’s College.

 Dr. Alleyne, who received the award during the Teacher’s College Academic Festival, was selected due to his professional achievements, impact on his community, commitment to education and the proven success of the Delaware College Scholars program.

When receiving the award, representatives from Columbia University’s Teacher’s College said about Delaware College Scholars, “The genius of Delaware College Scholars, the unique program you founded in 2012, is that it supports promising candidates through graduation at a four-year institution. Along the way, students spend parts of three summers living in dorms, working with mentors and studying by the Socratic Method. Their teachers, guidance counselors and parents team up to prepare them for success. They receive help in navigating America’s byzantine financial aid process. And when they get to college, DCS helps them with roommates, professors, internships and much more.”

Dr. Alleyne graduated from Columbia’s Teacher College is 2010 with an M.A. in Education Leadership. He received his undergraduate degree from Wesleyan University and his Ed.D in Educational Leadership and Administration from the University of Pennsylvania.

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