Congratulations to The DCS Scholars Who Made Dean’s List!

DCS Group Photo.jpg

As scholars in Cohort 1, Cohort 2 and Cohort 3 head back to college, we’re thrilled to report that many of them have made Dean’s List this semester!

Though the GPA requirement to earn this honor varies college-by-college, students must typically earn a 3.5 GPA or above to be named to Dean’s List. DCS is proud of these scholars’ demonstrated level of high academic achievement in demanding majors at competitive colleges.

Cohort 1
Jean Filo - University of Delaware, Biology
Natalia Machecha - University of Delaware, Criminal Justice
Hayley McGinness - University of Delaware, English (Minor: Theater Performance & Production)
Jared Ryan - University of Delaware, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation & Agriculture and Natural Resources

Cohort 2
Marwane Adlani - University of Delaware, Computer Science
Jessica Creigh - University of Delaware, English Education
Tyra Cannon - Delaware State University, Undecided
Ryan Gibson - University of Delaware, Neuroscience
Brittany Rugg - Delaware Tech, Chemistry and Bio-Tech

Cohort 3
Nyra Giles - University of Delaware, Undecided
Ricki Holleger - Delaware State University, Psychology
Kaliyah Weldin - Wesley College, Music Education
Alexander Salmorbekov - University of Delaware, Finance