Summer one: Preparing for College


  • how to master a rigorous curriculum within a small classroom setting;
  • how to engage in classroom discussions using roundtables, as well as receive constructive feedback on written work;
  • the basics of the college application process as well as how to prepare both academically and mentally;
  • how to tackle the SATs via the Naviance online program as well as in-class sessions with a college prep teacher; and,
  • how to choose the right college, how to become a competitive applicant and essential survival skills of a successful student.

Summer Two: Research and Apply to College


  • how to prepare academically and socially as well as take a more in-depth look at the actual college application process;
  • to hone literacy, writing and math skills, developing a strong foundation for college-level coursework;
  • the necessary steps to apply to college as well as learn the process for applying for financial aid;
  • how to write a college essay, how to properly research colleges to find the right fit, as well as how to successfully interview for college; and
  • what scholarships they may qualify for and how to apply.

College Transition: Ready to go


  • what it takes to transition smoothly into the college environment;
  • how to successfully select the right courses;
  • general approaches to exploring and selecting majors;
  • strategies to maximize performance, such as time management and taking advantage of professor office hours; and
  • how to stay organized, utilize on-campus resources and formulate a plan to successfully complete Freshman year.

Events Held Throughout the School Year

Examples Include

  • Financial Aid Workshops
  • Practice Test Exams and Preparation Strategies
  • One-on-one College Counseling
  • Mock Interview Days