A major component of the Delaware College Scholars program is that it is 100% residential. Scholars live at St. Andrew’s School for the duration of their three-week experience. They live in dorms (two all-girls dorms, two all-boys dorms) and experience living with a roommate. In each dormitory, there is at least one DCS staff member serving as a dorm parent, the adult in charge of students while they are on corridor. Each dorm has a bathroom facility with several stalls as well as showers with dividers. In addition to this, each dorm has laundry facilities as well as common areas for relaxing. Students are only allowed in dorms of their gender (only boys are allowed in boys’ dorms; only girls are allowed in girls’ dorms).


At St. Andrew’s School, all major meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) are served in the dining hall. Snacks between meals are also provided. Students are allowed to bring packaged snacks and drinks to store in their rooms. There are no refrigerators allowed in the individual rooms, but each dorm has a common refrigerator. All food in dormitories must be non-perishable. Each dorm also has a microwave.



 Part of the residential transition is creating a well-rounded experience. In addition to the core academics, students enjoy afternoon activities from 4 - 6 pm each day. Options include pickup basketball, soccer, board games and swimming. Afternoons are also free time for students to relax from a very active academic day.