DCS Newsletter: Week 2 2015


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Week Two of our summer session started off strong with our first round of college visits. Our juniors (Cohort 2) visited Philadelphia area colleges and our seniors (Cohort 1) visited Baltimore area colleges. Our juniors had a chance to see several different types of universities in person after spending the first week of the program learning how colleges can range in size, location, and general feel. Through visiting schools and participating in information sessions, the scholars will be able to make knowledgeable decisions when it comes time to form their college lists. Our seniors were able to expand their knowledge of different schools, all within 2 hours of Delaware.

Academically, our scholars hit their stride. They are reaching the high academic expectations set for them, and continue to work extremely hard in their courses. Cohort 1 dived deep into the novel Passing by Nella Larsen, both in socratic seminar discussion and through several writing assignments. This is all while studying for the SATs and working on their college essays. Cohort 2 continues to prep for the ACT and refine their reading, annotation, and analytical skills in preparation for their big final assignment (a 5-page reflection that will pull from various readings done during the 2.5 weeks). We are definitely keeping our scholars busy!

I cannot believe we are almost done with our Summer 2015 session. We have lots planned for the school year as well, such as various workshops at St. Andrew's and college application/academic support for the scholars. I look forward to finishing the summer session strong on Thursday, July 2!


The DCS scholars went on their first group of college trips last week. Cohort One visited Loyola University Maryland, Johns Hopkins University, and the University of Maryland Baltimore County. Cohort Two visited Villanova University, Haverford College, the University of Pennsylvania and St. Joseph's University. The trips were great experiences for all the scholars and many added these schools to their lists of top college choices.


Our Student-Advisors decided to throw a pool party for the whole program during afternoon activities on Wednesday. The scholars had a great time, swimming, playing pool games and listening to music. The advisors and faculty even decided to join the fun and swim around.


This week, the advisory classes played some games that simulated college life. In the game shown here, the puff balls being thrown around represented different factors that the scholars would encounter and have to manage in college. For example, one ball represented "academics" and another "social life." At several points, there were five puff balls being thrown around at once, which simulated how difficult college life could be. However, the scholars eventually got the hang of it and even when a ball dropped, they quickly picked it up and got back on track. Overall, the scholars certainly grasped the abstract concept of managing college life through this physical demonstration and had a lot of fun doing it.  


DCS welcomed two guests this week. Paul Herdman and Jenna Bucsak from the Rodel Foundation came and had the chance to observe some classes and also chat with three of our scholars. Nkenge Brown (Class of '16, Howard), Moses Myers (Class of '16, AI Dupont), and Kaylani Williams (Class of '17, Polytech) discussed their experiences thus far in the program as well as the ways they are preparing for college.


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