DCS Newsletter: Week 1 2015

Words from the Director

I can not express how great it has been to see my returning seniors (Cohort 1) as well as meet my new juniors (Cohort 2) for this summer. Both groups have truly hit the ground running and have accomplished so much in the 7 days that we've been together. Cohort 1 has done a great job leading by example to our new cohort. Cohort 2 is adjusting well to our high level of rigor and expectations. It was great to see how Cohort 1 seamlessly dove into their classes, many waking up early to go to the computer lab on our first day of class to put their final touches on their assignments. Cohort 2 has begun to understand the hard work that will be necessary in the program and beyond. After some mumbling of how "hard" the program is and some apprehension about ability to keep up with the tasks, all of our juniors have certainly began to rise to the occasion. I look forward to watching all of the growth from our scholars!

Week one down, we now look forward to several college trips. This upcoming week, cohort 1 will visit Baltimore colleges (Johns Hopkins, UMBC, & Loyola). Cohort 2 will visit Philadelphia colleges (Upenn, Villanova, St. Joes, & Haverford). Another busy week ahead!

DCS Move-In Day

It's great to have our scholars back on campus here at St. Andrew's. Move-In Day was a success as the scholars and their families toured the campus and moved in with help from our DCS advisors. The Cohort One scholars moved in like veterans and were ready to start their second year of DCS while the Cohort Two scholars moved in for the first time and were excited to start their first year of the program. Move-In Day concluded with an all-program assembly, dinner, and finally some Ice Breaker games amongst the dorms and cohorts.

Scholars in the Classroom

Eight o'clock Monday morning marked the start of classes for our scholars. Both cohorts are taking English, Math and Test Prep courses. Cohort One is also taking a College Essay course to prepare for college applications while Cohort Two is taking a Human Development course. Along with these classes, the scholars meet with their advisors for an hour long class every day.

Afternoon Fun at DCS

Afternoon are always fun at DCS. After a long day of classes, the scholars love being able to play basketball and soccer, dance, do yoga, swim or just hang out. And after dinner, Four Square is always going on out on the front lawn.

Thère du Pont Visits DCS

 Nkenge (Class of '16 Howard) and Taylor (Class of '16 Indian River) representing DCS for Thère

Nkenge (Class of '16 Howard) and Taylor (Class of '16 Indian River) representing DCS for Thère

DCS welcomed Thère du Pont earlier this week. Thère saw many of the DCS classes and met with Nkenge Brown and Taylor Wayland to discuss their DCS experience. We enjoyed having Thère pay us a visit and Nkenge and Taylor gave him a DCS T-shirt as a gift for coming.

Bonus Pictures and Videos

Click the picture to see some of the scholars playing Four Square, a DCS favorite.