The Delaware College Scholars mission is to recruit and prepare high-performing Delaware high school students from families of low income – academically and socially – for applying to, becoming accepted by, and graduating from competitive colleges and universities. (Preference is given to first generation college-bound students).

DCS targets first generation college-bound students in particular because research shows that lower income students who demonstrate high academic ability early in high school unfortunately plateau and do not fully reach their full potential. DCS demystifies the college process for this particular group, while simultaneously enriching their academic and social experiences to help them successfully acclimate to college. The end goal of the Delaware College Scholars is for 100% of participants to graduate high school and gain acceptance into competitive four-year colleges and universities.

Each year, approximately 45 rising juniors are invited to complete a three-week residential college preparatory program on St. Andrew’s campus. Students accepted to the Delaware College Scholars program will participate for three consecutive summers. Throughout the school year, students and their parents are invited to attend follow-up sessions with DCS staff. In addition, St. Andrew’s will include them in college workshops hosted on campus. By the end of the program, students are academically and socially prepared to enroll and graduate from a four-year university.