English focuses on analyzing short stories and poetry, both through intense classroom discussions and through constant writing and revision of assignments. Students continue to develop their writing skills throughout the program, in addition to learning how to conduct a classroom discussion using a roundtable method.


Math develops the skills that are most necessary for scholars to master SAT objectives. During the first summer session, scholars take a diagnostic exam from PrepMe, an online test preparation program that identifies the mathematical areas that have the greatest room for improvement. Teachers then conduct daily lessons to improve those gaps. Problem solving and collaboration amongst scholars is a key component of this course.


Scholars are divided into four sections taught by Delaware College Scholars student-advisors. Sessions delve into topics such as adjusting to college life, managing homesickness, organizational techniques, note-taking skills, course selection, etc. During their first summer college advisory sessions, students also begin the process of exploring different types of colleges and universities. Compiling a list of prospective schools making sure they understand the requirements necessary to be a competitive applicant to those schools is part of the process.


This course develops critical thinking skills in a way that empowers scholars to use and benefit from these skills in their own day-to-day lives. The course pushes students to be more self-reflective towards developing skills necessary to be better students both in high school and as they enter residential college campus life. Themes such as how to focus, motivation, dealing with adversity and developing resiliency will be discussed.


Students enroll in PrepMe, an online test preparatory system provided through Naviance. After a diagnostic test, each student receives an individualized test prep guide for the SAT, ACT and Subject Test.